Iron & Kin | Brazil Mogiana Eagle 12oz

Iron & Kin | Brazil Mogiana Eagle 12oz


Whole Coffee Beans | Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Sweet Finish

Mogiana Eagle is a dry processed coffee made from top lots produced in the Alta Mogiana region. We really enjoy this coffee!  We originally sourced this coffee as an anchor to our espresso blend, it really surprised us because it's so damn good on its own. This coffee is rich and chocolaty, great as an espresso or filter coffee.

We taste notes of: peanut butter, chocolate, with a sweet finish.

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About the Company: Iron & Kin

Iron & Kin was born out of their love for coffee shops— the whiff of fresh ground coffee, the hissing of the steam wand, the carefully curated space. And, of course, the conversations that turn perfect strangers into friends and friends into family—kin. It’s those small moments that make the big moments great. So, breath deep, sip slow, savor kinship—they’ll take care of the rest.




Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Sweet Finish

Brew Methods

Chemex, Kalita, Espresso, Aeropress


Croissant, Chocolate Cookie, Donut


Makes Approx. 62 Cups (9oz Cups)




  • Roast Location: Pomona, California

  • Process: Dry Process

  • Sub Region: Alta Mogiana

  • Elevation: N/A

  • Varietal: Brazil Mogiana Eagle

  • Single Origin: N/A