Iron & Kin | Peru Uctubamba FTO 12oz

Iron & Kin | Peru Uctubamba FTO 12oz


Whole Coffee Beans | Chocolate, Strawberry, Grape Jam

This is an natural/dry processed SHG EP grade, Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee from the Utcubamba province - one of seven provinces in the Amazonas Region of Peru. This province is characterized by the Uctubamba River running through it, the steep cliffs carved out by that river, and the collection of hot springs. This particular lot was grown at altitudes of 1600-1800 masl and include four varieties: typica, pache, caturra, and bourbon. We really enjoy the heavy and syrupy body that this coffee has to offer.  Unlike most Central or South American naturals this one finishes very clean!

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About the Company: Iron & Kin

Iron & Kin was born out of their love for coffee shops— the whiff of fresh ground coffee, the hissing of the steam wand, the carefully curated space. And, of course, the conversations that turn perfect strangers into friends and friends into family—kin. It’s those small moments that make the big moments great. So, breath deep, sip slow, savor kinship—they’ll take care of the rest.




Chocolate, Strawberry, Grape Jam

Brew Methods

Chemex, Kalita, Espresso, Aeropress


Croissant, Chocolate Cookie, Donut


Makes Approx. 62 Cups (9oz Cups)




  • Roast Location: Pomona, California

  • Process: Natural

  • Sub Region: Amazonas

  • Elevation:

  • Varietal: Peru Uctubamba FTO

  • Single Origin: N/A