Shop Stop: Captain + Stoker

The Monterey Bay is probably most known for its Aquarium, The Jazz Festival, and for the Laguna Seca Raceway, but not so much as a blip on the radar as in regards to coffee culture. This is where Captain + Stoker come in… within the last year they’ve made a splash in the community. With light pouring into the café and the unique bespoke bicycles displayed within the clean white interior, it’s easy to understand this group means business!

Being a some-what local between Los Angeles and Monterey, it was clear the coffee culture in this sleepy tourist peninsula wasn’t established like other major cities up until now. If we wanted to visit good coffee, we would have to venture an hour out of town to Santa Cruz or further to San Jose for Verve Coffee or Blue Bottle. That would only last so long…

This café has a unique spot in our hearts as bikes + coffee are our things… but not only for those items, we truly fell in love with the owner’s, Tyler & Kelsey’s story. What turned from a road trip across the States living in a minivan with $50 to their name, things took a unique route as they decided to ditch the “stable” career choices out of boredom. They fell in love with the café (owned by another partner at the time), but news spread that the café had to close. After falling in love with everything about it and its community, they took over and decided this was the route they wanted to take… ever since, they’ve been absolutely crushing it.

We highly recommend taking a visit to this unique community spot!