Shop Stop: The Reverse Orangutan

Heading east of the Los Angeles County, you’ll eventually cross the city of Glendora, notably known for The Donut Man and the mountain range that looms over the city. Settled upon the path of Route 66, you can find The Reverse Orangutan sharing space with a Union Cowork shared working space. The owners, Geoff and Jamil started out learning the trade and getting their hands dirty at other cafés they previously worked at. With enough drive and bravery they took those skills and their personalities by doing things “better” and unique. Knowing that the bar has been set very high and everyone is producing great beans, they’re looking to providing good coffee and great stories and experiences alongside. The physical coffee is just the beginning for them.

They run their roasting operations in the café on a 5-pound Bellwether roaster within the café. As you’re sipping on your drink, you’ll look over and occasionally spot the team dialing in the roasts and reviewing the data they’ve acquired after every roasting. What we found unique was how adjustable the roasting process was with the use of the app and the logged data Jamil was able to show us. While some will think this tool automates the process, it’s quite the contrary, this introduces more precise creativity and less guesswork by seeing temperature fluctuations and the capability of setting roasting profiles.

This allows them some more time to focus on unique small batch roasts and specific roasts for collaborations, like a soon to be released coffee beer! They cater to the coffee enthusiasts, but that’s not it, they hope to teach and introduce new coffee drinkers to the wider world of coffee culture. We got talking for a while about how the coffee experience is sort of like Italian food culture, sure great food is always welcomed, but what makes a great meal is those who you’re surrounded by during that meal. The Reverse Orangutan is building that community of great coffee and those memorable experiences.

Welcome to the Jungle!